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Project Status >> completed


Thank you. This project – Cupid’s Sting’s Strategic Plan redesign is now complete. Download the final documents via the link below and store on your personal devices.

For your records

All the project files, including the final files can be accessed via the link below for the next 30 days (until Jan. 15, 22). Save these files to your devices for your records.

Project Timeline


During the review process, edits and revisions were requested by Chanda. O and Founder (Laurie) on Dec. 04, 08, 10, 11 and 15. Additional edits made on Dec. 17. All changes were completed Dec. 17.

Next steps – Upload the final document and files to the shared drive.


The project’s invoice was requested and remitted on Dec. 6.

Payment in full made on Dec. 14.


The plan was delivered on Dec. 4 due to text updates and the cover image request provided by the client on Dec. 3. It is now pending review.

Next steps – walkthrough video call with you on Dec. 6.

Call details

The meeting link for our review call on Dec. 6 can also be accessed here.


The project has been activated on Nov. 26 and we are now in the development stage.

Next step – work will begin on the redesign of the strategic plan and will be shared by Dec. 3 for your review.

For your records

Click on the link below to download and save the signed contract on your devices.

Project Review

Ready for review

The deliverable, Cupid’s Sting Strategic Plan is ready for review. This section gives context to the redesigned plan. Please read through prior to review.

Notes – The redesign is based on 3 themes – to be an executive facing document for external stakeholders,  to showcase Cupid’s Sting 5 year strategic path, and to be a fully interactive document that can be shared amongst stakeholders and interested parties.

Variations from the original scope:

  • the document includes a total of 14 pages vs. the 10 pages maximum
  • copywriter edits were made to the original content
  • complex info were illustrated using diagrams custom designed for clarity
  • hyperlinks were included through the document for easier navigation
  • title descriptions were included to fit content for consumer’s benefit
  • royalty free images were sourced for the project
  • the number of estimated design hours were met and exceeded
  • adhoc consulting hours were used in the restructuring of this project

Feedback welcomed

Below, you will find a version of the deliverable that you can download to include your comments. We will discuss on the walkthrough scheduled for Dec. 6.

Notes – In many areas the original text was edited to reduce info overload and to fit the landscape of the design, so please check to ensure the context and intent of your thoughts are still intact.

Also the items listed on the appendix page are placeholders to illustrate how this section can be used for further exploration of your client’s organization. This can be adjusted per the client’s preference.

Check all the hyperlinks throughout the document:

    • the org’s website link on the 2nd page
    • on the table of contents, the title and page numbers are linked to their respective sections
    • the links on the appendix page (including the donate button)
    • and the contact info page are all linked to take the reader directly to these extensions

Project Summary


To rework the layout and design of a strategic plan developed by Chanda-Louise Oton Consulting.


Per discussion on Nov. 24, the strategic plan was developed for a non-profit organization that will serve as an external facing document. The redesign should be easy to follow, include pertinent info, be legible with the use of the Arial typeface, and look visually appealing with the incorporation of the business’ branded elements.  The delivery date of the completed scope of work is tentatively Dec. 1 – 3.

Project Stages >>

Quick Edits >>

Project Costs

Custom Work

Strategic Plan Design + Layout
Estimated Cost

Discount (family + friends)


Final Estimated Cost


Adhoc Items/ Consulting Services



$100 / hour

Next Steps>>

The contract is ready for your review and signature. A signed copy will be forwarded for your records. Download the contract below.

Please provide the plan’s content in Ms Word or Google Docs, the client’s logo and brand color codes, and any other info that should be included. You can upload these items to the shared drive below.