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Concept two (2) was selected for further development.

Myeedah’s notes on the concept were, like the layout but not crazy about the font – too whimsical. Also, the serif (G extensions) was highlighted as a want for part of the design. Regarding the brand colors – focus on a clean palette of black and white for the primary colors with touches of gray and dark green coming together for a sleeker look.

Takeaways from the concept review call – explore other script styled fonts – simpler, polished, timeless and more serious.

Follow-up items – show a few other script-styled fonts, and convert the handwritten brand name shared to digital form.

My notes/input – readability, printability, clean lines, and less is more principles are the ultimate combo for a strong, lasting and multifunctional logo design. My fav fonts from the new set shown below are 3. and 4. I did a mock up of font #4 in the selected concept.

The handwriting shared is pretty penmanship but when digitized, it does not appear sleek after much tweaking. The ‘Ls’ are not clear enough to stand on its own for a submark or the DBA version and your essence is not there – meaning it is not personal enough. When actual script signatures are used in logo designs you want to feel the person behind the brand coming through.

Please share your thoughts on the final font option to be incorporated into the selected design.

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The three design concepts below embody the brand’s inspiration – modern yet corporate aesthetic, script style. Either concept will serve well for its intended future use, as part of the law firm’s brand identity  – trustworthy, professional, relatable and attractive.

The concepts are intentionally comprehensive to include a logo design for the brand’s parent co. name, the DBA and a submark, for a clearer picture.

These are still concepts and not final. Once a concept is selected and feedback received, the chosen design will be adjusted, tweaked, master aligned and cleaned up for your final review.

Please select one for further development.

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Myeedah, thank you for your payment. The design project for Leslie-Green Law is now in active status. Next step – prototyping will begin and three (3) concepts will be shared on or before October 29, for your review.

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Project Summary


To design and develop brand identity elements for The Law Offices of M. Leslie-Green & Associates, DBA Leslie-Green Law. The elements will include a logo, submark, business card, color family, social media templates accompanied with a style guide to launch the law firms’ online presence.


New brand work for law firm founded by M.Leslie Green, Esq. The design inspo/direction already communicated are script styled logo design similar to the iconic ‘The Beverly Hills Hotel’ with modern yet corporate aesthetic.  The date of online launch TBD.