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Project: Status

For your review

The Strategic Plan for Dyferrent Publication is now complete. Review the document via the link below.

For your records

All the project files can be accessed via the link below.  Save to your devices for your records.

Project: Operations


To develop a strategic plan geared to meet the business needs of Dyferrent Publications founded by you, Lianne Totty.


Engage in 2 to 3 strategy sessions to establish your goals, assess your capacity and perform a digital audit.

The information gathered is essential to develop the strategy plan for Dyferrent Publications.

On completion of the strategy sessions, your customized plan will be delivered to you electronically with all the supporting items within 7-10 business days.


Open, clear and timely communication on all business related activities.

We will communicate via our agreed upon channel for ongoing transparency, changes or updates. Urgent items or sudden changes will be flagged for immediate attention.

Progress can be slowed or accelerated based on your responses.

What are a few action items?

What are the some expenses of the project?

Strategy Sessions


$150 / hour


Strategy Plan Labor Cost


$150/per hour


Review Session




Post Review Session




Total Project Cost


Discount (30%)


Final Cost


What are the next steps of the project?

Download your proposal

Schedule your “kick off” session