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Hello Tribe! Recently, I’ve found myself asking this question a lot more frequently – but is it you though? Just a mere five words that signals a pause for a quick evaluation to decide whether or not I dive in or move around and keep it moving.

For instance, with the extra curves I’ve gained since our world got turned upside down, I’ve had to update my wardrobe. While this may be a fun task for some, I’ve realized how much I’d prefer to even outsource this task to a proper stylist. Over the last 3 months, I have ordered and returned many items not because of fit but because of – but is it you though? And in most instances, it really wasn’t. It’s trendy but simply not me.

So believe it or not, this is the approach many pioneering entrepreneurs employ on a daily basis for decision making. We do things that are mainly aligned with who we are, what we enjoy doing the most, and what we want to accomplish. On the surface it sounds obvious, but this quick internal check can become very laborious when we have no idea of who we are, and what brings us the most joy.

If you’re still reading this, at this point you’re probably thinking, I know what I love but there are other factors and challenges to running my own business and you’re absolutely right! AND these other factors such as your prices, financial targets, business culture, growth plans, your impact to those you serve ALL hinge on one thing – YOU.

We’ve all heard at some point that there’s no one else like you, so in that vein, knowing who we are gives us the biggest advantage.

Quiet the noise, have an honest conversation with yourself and remember to ask – but is it you though?


Tonnia Matthews

Tonnia boasts a rich blend of entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 corporate acumen, underpinned by a solid academic foundation. Her expertise spans finance, product development, and risk management, applying a hands-on approach to drive business growth. This exceptional combination positions her perfectly to deliver insightful and impactful solutions through Tonnia Theory.