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Project: Operations


Act as interim Project Manager/Operations Lead to implement and facilitate the internal operations for the business of (GBMNutron, Jason Carter, ICON Entertainment).


Agree upon the what business operational needs and goals are for the next 3-6 months ranging from highest to lowest priority for execution. The blueprint’s business model and implementation plan will be used as a guide.

Status reports will be provided to you on a weekly basis and a meet-up will be scheduled monthly to review the outcomes and progress.


Open and timely communication on all business related activities. We will communicate via our agreed upon channel for ongoing transparency, changes or updates. Urgent items will be flagged for your immediate attention.

Progress can be slowed or accelerated based upon when the required items requested to complete a task is received from you (the business owners).

What are a few action items?

What are the some expenses of the project?

Monthly Retainer


$99 / hour


Business Registration Filing Fee




Business Registration Labor Cost


$99 / hour


G-Suite Business Account




G Suite Set up Labor Cost


$99 / hour


Total Month's Cost


Final Cost


What are the next steps of the project?

Review action items and narrow down your asks

Schedule a “kick off” session to, confirm project scope, review timeline and discuss contract & payment