What is it?

The series is designed to help entrepreneurs discover, leverage and monetize emerging opportunities through business insights, process improvement and the digital economy.

I take you through 5 focused workshops, which results in a customized roadmap that is tailored to build or transform their business.

Define your business model

Like any journey, the first step is key. Here we work on defining your business model, which we determine if your focus should be on improving your model or investing in a new approach.


Focus on your opportunities

In this step, we focus on areas of your business model that should be given attention. This provides clear insights on questions like what will have the biggest payout? or What areas can potentially have the highest risks?


Develop a strategy to maximize your value

To ensure the success of your business, a strategy needs to be developed. In this step we build a strategy for today’s challenges, and identify the opportunities and threats to your business.


Manage your risks to protect your business

Identifying and managing risks and threats to your business is equally is generally overlooked, which can result in catastrophic consequences. In this workshop we prepare you to be ready to face the inevitable challenges that occur as an entrepreneur.


Build your business operations

The infrastructure of a business is core to its success. Ensuring that you implement lean processes and technologies to ensure optimal productivity, so you can focus on growing your business is essential.


Let's start working together.

Get focused with the standard experience, which includes 3 workshops (define, focus & strategy)

Take your idea or business to the next level with the premium experience, with all five workshops