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I wear many hats.

Entrepreneur. Consultant. Coach. Project Manager. Graphic Designer. Creative. Boy Mom. Wife. Believer. Doer.

What is Tonnia's Theory?

As a left and right brain thinker, armed with my share of wins and losses, I intimately understand the challenges you face to get started, take the leap, keep going, cut through the gray areas and do the balancing act as an entrepreneur. As a result, I am committed to making it simple for you to build your profitable business, that can withstand the volatility of time and changes in your industry.

Tonnia Theory offers solutions to get out of your head, clarify your objectives to better make decisions, and take actions towards achieving your business goals.

At Tonnia Theory, we are driven by creating the right value to meet and exceed our client's business needs and seeing my tribe win!

My clients are talented, self-starters, fueled by their passions and families, willing to learn and improve to succeed at business.

So, let’s connect to learn more about each other and discuss how I can help you. Give me a call or send me a email.

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Managing Director

Tonnia Matthews

From an early age, I understood the importance of people, processes and solutions and how they fit together to achieve success in both life and business. Always having a penchant towards entrepreneurship, I started and operated 3 micro businesses prior to the age of 18 that complimented my formative education in business studies. I went on to pursue my tertiary studies in Finance and International Business. However, after I landed my first job in the Human Resource Department at a Fortune 500 company over +20 years ago, it was then, I got a bird’s eye view of how larger organizations innovate, recruit talent and implement operating systems to drive profitability, growth and sustainability.

During my time in Corporate, I navigated through varying functions that ranged from funding and investments, developing and rolling out consumer products, and managing financial risk portfolios. While climbing the corporate ladder, I simultaneously built and consulted on a slew of personal projects from ideation to execution, and thoroughly enjoyed the end-to-end process. It was at this time that my desire to solution and drive change in areas that were near and dear to me proved undeniable. Leaving me no other choice but to transition to entrepreneurship full-time and focus my attention on business ownership to make a more valuable impact.



Workshop Series

A five part intensive workshop series geared to clarify, focus and develop solutions for your business. On completion, you’ll receive a blueprint with actionable steps specific to your business goals and needs.

Business Consulting

Provide entrepreneurs and business owners with specific services which are focused on developing, transforming or managing new or existing processes - with the goal of unlocking trapped value.

Business Coaching

One-on-one support to help you clarify your business vision to ensure that it is align with your goals, by using tools and frameworks to help you understand your strategy, operations, digital presence, customer and financials.