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The perfect partner for achieving your business success.

Having experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship first-hand, I know all too well the hurdles you face when starting, maintaining, and growing a business. I’ve straddled the realms of creative ideation and data-driven decision-making, and now, my mission with Tonnia Theory is to make the journey easier for you. My goal is to provide clarity, simplifying the process to help you create a resilient, profitable enterprise that can weather the storm of time and industry shifts.
Tonnia Theory is about action. We help you move from thought to execution, refining your goals and guiding your decisions. We’re passionate about adding real value, driven by a vision of your success. My clients are talented individuals with a drive to succeed, fueled by passion and a commitment to continuous learning. I invite you to reach out, learn more about what we do, and see how we can support your journey to success.
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Hello there! I'm Tonnia, your guide on the path to business success at Tonnia Theory. From operating small ventures in my teenage years to studying Finance and International Business, then steering through diverse roles in Fortune 500 companies, I've amassed a wealth of experience. Now, I'm leveraging this rich mix of academic insights and real-world wisdom to make Tonnia Theory the ultimate partner for businesses seeking growth and innovation. I believe in the power of creativity, strategy, and shared success - let's journey together and redefine what it means to win in business.


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My entrepreneurial story.

Tonnia, the Managing Director of Tonnia Theory, is a passionate entrepreneur and business leader with a remarkable understanding of the synergy between people, processes, and solutions. From operating micro-businesses before 18 to studying Finance and International Business, she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Her early career in the Human Resources Department of a Fortune 500 company gifted her with a panoramic view of how large organizations innovate, recruit talent, and implement systems for growth and sustainability.
Tonnia’s journey through various corporate roles, including finance management, consumer product development, and risk portfolio management, has added to her multifaceted expertise. At the same time, she independently built and consulted on numerous personal projects from ideation to execution, truly enjoying the process. This combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience cultivated a passion for creating solutions and driving change, leading her to focus full-time on entrepreneurship to make a more significant impact.
Now, as the Managing Director of Tonnia Theory, Tonnia leverages her vast experience to provide custom process improvement, brand architecture, growth strategies, and “ideation to creation” cycles for entrepreneurs and businesses. She believes in cultivating a culture of innovation and creativity through mission-led initiatives. Not only does she craft comprehensive business action plans, but she also provides ongoing support for implementation, ensuring the journey to success is shared every step of the way. With Tonnia’s leadership, businesses find not just a consultant, but a dedicated partner in growth.

Recent articles I’ve written

With a wealth of experience in the trenches of entrepreneurship, I’ve grappled with the challenges and savored the triumphs of building businesses. Now, I’m excited to share my insights and lessons learned through the Tonnia Theory blog.

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