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Hello Tribe! Wearing many hats, is now an expected trait of a creative entrepreneur, mompreneur or solopreneur as we a juggling so many things at once. However, this leads to overwhelm, burn out, lack of creativity, and inefficiencies so leverages the technologies available to us is not only smart but necessary. Here’s a list of my favorite tools that I used daily and highly recommend for the entrepreneur making boss moves:

  1. QuickBooks for accounting and bookkeeping.
  2. Calendly for scheduling and time management.
  3. Planoly, Later or Hootsuite for social media management.
  4. Mailchimp for email marketing.
  5. Asana for project management.
  6. Google Meet for virtual meetings and the entire Google Suite.
  7. Adobe Express for graphic design and all quick design needs.
  8. LastPass or 1Password for password management.
  9. Square for in-person payments.
  10. Honeybook for contracts, invoicing and time tracking which might be my favorite of all.

Note that this list is not exhaustive and the best app for a particular small business owner depends on the specific needs of their business.

Tonnia Matthews

Tonnia boasts a rich blend of entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 corporate acumen, underpinned by a solid academic foundation. Her expertise spans finance, product development, and risk management, applying a hands-on approach to drive business growth. This exceptional combination positions her perfectly to deliver insightful and impactful solutions through Tonnia Theory.